Spring Clean your Business

Spring is in the air and  it is time for that big spring clean. This time however, consider how you can spring clean your business.  Decluttering your business will make space and time for more profit, more impact, more quality clients and projects.  It will also bring more freedom, creativity and more meaning in your business. Here are some practical steps how you can spring clean your business. 

File the papers you need to keep, but only the papers you really need to keep.

Action – put the papers that need action together, paperclip them, put the word ACTION on it, and put it right next your computer.

Toss out as much as possible. Remove pens, pencils, post-its and everything you don’t need right now from your desk. Put it in your drawer.  Step back and look around again. What is NOT functional anymore? Take it out.


Desktop – start with your desktop, file or delete all the items that doesn’t absolutely need to be there. Let your desktop give you that crisp and clean feeling when you start the day!

Files - arrange your current projects in working files in your documents to see at first glance.

Programs - do a quarterly review.

Domain names - do a yearly review.

Unsubscribe - Choose carefully what info /newsletter you need to receive.

Social Media 
Create a spreadsheet and put down all the social networks you own and use with the URL and password. Evaluate the needs for all your social media profiles used and owned - ask yourself with each channel: what do you want to communicate to whom and also is this the channel your ideal client is on? If not…delete!
Go through all of your automatic payments cancel the services immediately if you don’t need/use/want right now. Pay your outstanding bills and arrange payment schedules for the ones you can’t pay in full at this very moment
When cleaning up your physical environment,  your mind becomes clear and calm. This will allow for your thoughts to order themselves. Write it down. Don’t keep all your thoughts inside. Do a brain dump on paper regularly to free the space in your mind for real creativity to flow. Stop multi-tasking and start uni-tasking.

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