Meet the team

Eddie de Beer – Professional Accountant (SA) & Director

Unlocking value through Coaching and Consulting

After 13 years in the industry, Eddie, together with his business partner Heinrich,  started Technibook in 1998. Now he is part of a committed team, working as a family with life-giving principles and values. Connecting people and businesses in order to solve problems and achieve goals are his game. He also specializes in assisting and engaging with people and organisations to optimize capabilities and talents.

Areas of expertise:

  • Management and Problem Solving
  • Planning and Consulting
  • Coaching
  • Networking
  • Unlocking Value

Heinrich Meyer – Professional Accountant (SA) & Director

Disciplined Maturing for optimal results

With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Heinrich knows everything accounting inside out.  Since 1998 when he and Eddie started the company he has steadily been building the company through designing and implementing systems that are strategically and functionally aligned with the competencies of his dedicated team and the needs of their clients.

Areas of expertise:

  • Deconstructing problems to construct sustainable solutions
  • Imparting accounting knowledge and skills
  • Extracting intelligence from the data value chain
  • Facilitate disciplined maturing for optimal results
  • Establish and protect fair consistency in the team’s accounting practice

Melanie Griessel –  Professional Accountant (SA)

BCom Accounting

Melanie has been in the accounting industry for quite some time gaining experience as an accountant and financial manager.

Areas of expertise:

  • Financial reporting
  • Training and coaching
  • System design, implementation and management
  • Organising and structuring financial chaos

Lizelle de Necker – Tax Specialist

Certificate in Taxation, Advanced Certificate in Taxation

Lizelle heads up the Tax division and has more than 20 years of experience in the tax industry.  She is our tax expert.  She is the patient one who can proudly give lessons in endurance and persistence as she successfully deals with clients’ matters with SARS.

Areas of expertise:

    • Tax specialist
    • Tax compliance & efficiency
    • Tax, VAT, PAYE and E-filing
    • SARS service monitoring office
    • TaxOmbud
    • Objection appeals
    • SARS Registrations
    • Relationship building and customer relations

Carine Henning – Senior Accountant

BCom Business Management

Carine has been working at Technibook since 2009. She enjoys working with an excellent team whose focus is on accuracy with integrity. She is a specialist when it comes to compiling financial statements, meeting deadlines all the time.

Areas of expertise:

  • Annual financial and management accounts
  • High levels of accurate execution
  • Enable effective flow of system operations
  • Financial Statements and Management Accounts
  • Logical and systematic thinking in the reconciliation process
  • Training and mentoring

Sonja Roux – Secretarial and general support

Sonja has been part of Technibook from 1998. She strives to make a difference through her excellent service and will always greet you with a smile and warm welcome when you come to visit Technibook.

Areas of expertise:

  • Front-desk hospitality
  • Debtors Control
  • Operational functionality
  • System enablement
  • Institutional and customer liaison
  • Regulatory business compliance

Debbie Wagener – Payroll Specialist

With more than 10 years in the industry, Debbie is experienced in Payroll related duties and makes sure that everything runs smoothly. She heads up the Payroll Division and places a high value on honesty and loyalty.

Areas of expertise:

    • Payroll value chain
    • Labour compliance registrations
    • High level of precision execution
    • Problem-solving
    • System design and implementation
    • Fit for purpose reporting


Clauwdia Steyn – Tax Assistant

Clauwdia is still new to the industry but excited about her new learning experience, and all the friendly faces that are part of it.

Areas of expertise:

  • Sworn BBBEE affidavit for EME
  • Tax Clearance Certificates
  • SARS status client liaison
  • Tax admin support

Palesa Tsotetsi – Administrator

National Diploma in Office Administration

 Palesa started her career in administration in 2016 and joined the Technibook team in 2019.  She is keeping the accounting systems oiled and up to date with new data and verifying data integrity.  She enjoys the commitment her team has towards ensuring on-time and accurate results for their clients.

Areas of expertise:

  • Data integrity
  • Document verification on business and personal accounts
  • Data and information management

Elfrieda van der Berg – Administrator

Junior Bookkeeping diploma

Elfrieda has more than 14 years of experience in the Accounting industry.  She joined Technibook in 2017.   She enjoys the caring and supportive environment her Technibook team creates and loves how that rolls over to all the clients.

Areas of expertise:

  • Customer liaison
  • COID & WCA
  • Data and information management
  • Streamlining systems
  • Organising and planning

Antoinette Swarts – Accountant

Antoinette heads up the Pastel Online Division at Technibook and is the go-to girl when it comes to Pastel Online. She loves Technibook’s comfortable working and learning environment and to work with people who are very good in their respected fields.  She has been with Technibook since 2015.

Areas of expertise:

  • Internal and customer training
  • Verification of data integrity
  • Aligning financial systems
  • Management accounts
  • Client feedback on financial statements

Evodia Mokhoro – General Assistant

Evodia has been with Technibook since 1998, the very beginning.  She is like the oil that keeps the Technibook machine running smoothly, ensuring everything is in its place, available, clean and ready to use.

Areas of expertise:

  • Caring for and mothering a team of accountants
  • Up keeping of meeting rooms, offices and shared spaces.
  • Hospitality
  • Administration support

Annuscha Labuschagne – Junior Accountant

B.Com Financial Accounting (final year)

 Annuscha joined Technibook in 2017 when she started out on her career in the world of accounting.  Besides now being established in the technical aspects of accounting she has also learned from her team the true meaning of walking the extra mile with clients to see that they are satisfied with the service and results they get

Areas of expertise:

  • Comprehensive on-site accounting services
  • Verification of data integrity
  • Aligning financial systems
  • Management accounts
  • Client feedback on financial statements

Lawrence Marlow – Junior Accountant

B.Com Financial Accounting

 After starting out in the accounting industry in 2018, Lawrence joined Technibook in 2019. Although he has only been part of the team for a short time, he already values his team’s commitment and attention to clients’ requirements.  He loves the safe environment at Technibook that honours confidentiality and integrity.

Areas of expertise:

  • Reconciling systems with refined financial data
  • Capture, control and processing of data for financial statements

Heino Muller – Junior Accountant

Hons B.Com Financial Accounting

 Heino joined Technibook in 2019 starting out his career in the accounting industry.  He loves the business side of accounting and looking forward to get into the analytics of things.  He appreciates the fact that at Technibook he can live out his core beliefs and principles together with his team.

Areas of expertise:

  • Reconciling systems with refined financial data
  • Capture, control and processing of data for financial statements